To worship God is to honor Him with our praise and adoration, thanking Him for the many ways in which He has blessed our lives.  Worship strengthens our relationship with God.  It heightens our appreciation for His love and watch-care.  Worship is both personal and corporate in nature.  We worship God individually when we pray and meditate upon His Word, the Bible.  We also worship God when we gather with other Christians to honor and praise Him.  Corporate worship helps us to encounter God’s presence in ways that often surpasses what we could experience on our own.

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Our worship services on Sunday mornings can best be described as a meeting between the Lord and His people.  They enable us to fulfill the first Great Commandment, loving God with all our hearts, our minds and our strength.  At Bedford Presbyterian Church our worship services are a blend of the traditional and the contemporary.  We enjoy singing old time favorites as well as currently popular praise songs.  We also look forward to the proclamation of God’s Word in ways that directly impact our everyday lives.  Prayer is an important part of our worship experiences, especially when the congregation shares their joys and concerns with one another.


Come and worship the Lord with us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.  You will receive a warm and gracious welcome. 


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The Churchmen's Bluegrass Gospel Performance

We also have special worship events from time to time. This could include musical groups like the Churchmen, or even revivals. And during each Christmas season we have our evening Christmas musical program called Abendmusik.



DSC 0055Revival: A Heart for God in the Heart of Bedford

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