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Our year-long celebration of 175 years "In the HEART of Bedford"  is well underway.  This is a significant milestone in the community and we invite you to attend and join in our celebration.  All events are FREE





All the STORIES of the BIBLE commenses.  Join us on a Year-long journey of Spiritual Growth as we study the Bible in the chronological order that it happened.  This is for everyone; young and older, beginner  or experienced student. (Scroll Down)


On October 5 and 6 we will celebrate A Church Homecoming.  We look forward to welcoming back former members and Pastors who have meant so much to our heritage as a congregation.




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9/15/2019   Genesis 1: 1 In the Beginning was God. - Where was God before the beginning?
9/22/2019 Genesis 1: 1-31 Something from Nothing in 7 says! - Theories of Creation vs. theories of evolution.
9/29/2019 Genesis 2: 1-3 The First Sabbath. - How to restore a 21st century Sabbath.
10/13/2019 Genesis 2: 4-15 Garden Life...as it was always meant to be. - Appropriate Christian environmentalism.
11/10/2019 Genesis 2: 7-17 The First Job, the first contract. - A Steward's mentality of our bodies, lives, and work.
11/17/2019 Genesis 2: 8-25 Adam meet Eve, you were made for each other. - Biblical vs. cultural views on marriage and family.
12/1/2019 Genesis 3: 1-7 The snake in the grass. - Biblical references to the person and work of Satan.

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