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In the early days of Christianity, God’s people met together in one another’s homes.  Passages of Scripture such as Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 5:42 clearly indicate that this was one of the ways that the Christian faith grew and prospered.  At Bedford Presbyterian Church we have utilized this same idea to develop our Small Group Ministry.  Here’s how it works.  Each week members of our church and their friends meet together in one another’s homes.  They study God’s Word based upon the previous Sunday’s sermons, and they pray together about heartfelt concerns for themselves and others.  They also enjoy Christian fellowship, getting to know one another in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Increasingly we live in a world where it’s easy to feel isolated and alone, separated from any meaningful contact with others.  Our Small Group Ministry addresses this need in a way that draws us closer to one another and to God.  At the present time we have four groups that are meeting each week.  If you would like to visit one of our small groups or desire additional information about this ministry, please email us at, or call the church office at 540-586-5284.  We will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 



Here is your link to the Small Group lessons and the Sunday Sermon.

Date Sermon   Small Group Lesson   Scripture
05/26/2018 Stomp The Devil Romans 16: 1-21 
05/20/2018 The Single Most Hopeful-Scariest Word The Single Most Hopeful-Scariest Word  Acts 1: 1-9 and 2: 1-21 
05/13/2018 Modern Israel: Miracles, Myths, and GOD Modern Israel: Miracles, Myths, and GOD Romans 15: 14-33 
05/06/2018 Our God Of Hope, Joy, And Peace For All Our God Of Hope, Joy, And Peace For All  Romans 15: 7-13 
04/22/2018  Of First Importance - Rev. Philip Parker  Of First Importance  1 Cor 15: 1-8 
  As Iron Sharpens Iron Romans 15: 1-7
04/15/2018 Me? A Stumbling Block? Me? A Stumbling Block?  Romans 14: 13-23 
04/08/2018 Arguing Over Nothing Arguing Over Nothing Romans 14: 1-12
04/01/2018 Easter People Easter People Colossians 3: 1-4
03/25/2018 Walking Int The Footsteps Of Jesus  Walking Into The Footsteps Of Jesus  Luke 19:22-41 
02/25/2018 Living On Daylight Saints Time - Pt. 2 Living On Daylight Saint's Time -Pt. 2 Romans 13: 7-14  
02/18/2018 Living On Daylight Saints Time - Pt. 1  Living On Daylight Saints Time - Pt. 1 Romans 13: 7-14  
02/11/2018 God And Government God And Government  Romans 13: 1-8 
02/04/2018 Make Me A Blessing   Make Me A Blessing   Romans 12: 14-21 
01/28/2018 Getting Real And fitting In With One Another Getting Real And Fitting In... Romans 12: 9-13
01/21/2018 Reasonable Thoughts Reasonable Thoughts Romans 12: 1-8
01/07/2018 A New Life Is Better Than A New Leaf
12/31/2017 The Warning Label On the Olive Tree  Romans 11: 
12/24/2017 What Do You Know, For Sure?  No Lesson  RIsaiah 52: 7-10
12/17/2017 Beautiful Feet  Beautiful Feet  Romans 10: 11-21 
12/10/2017 Getting What We Do Not Deserve  Getting What We Do Not Deserve  Romans 9: 33 - 10: 13
12/03/2017 God, The Merciful Potter God, The Merciful Potter  Romans 9: 1-16 
11/26/2017 But What About The Jews? But What About The Jews? 

Romans 9: 1-16

11/19/2017 God Is For Us God Is For Us Romans 8: 31-39
11/12/2017 The Five Solas Romans 5: 1-11

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